Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Online Journals

Free Online Biblical Studies Journals (updated 2/20/2010)

1. The Journal of Jewish Studies -- Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. This site offers some wonderful samples
2. The Journal of Hebrew Scriptures -- University of Alberta
3. American Theological Inquiry
4. The Denver Journal -- Denver Seminary
5. Journal of Biblical Studies
6. Studies in Jewish-Christian Relations
7. Journal of Greco-Roman Christianity and Judaism -- McMaster Divinity College
8. The Gospel Coalition
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Biblical Lectures Online

Online Lecture Series' (updated 6-3-2010)

Charles Holman Honorary Lecture Series - Regent University
1. Jewish Traditions of the Early Church

Recordings from Various Lectures - George W. Truett Theological Seminary
2. Various Lectures including NT Wright, John M.G. Barclay, James Dunn...

Dead Seas Scrolls Presentation - Louisiana State University
3. The Story of the Dead Seas Scrolls presented by Geza Vermes

Hayward Lectures - Acadia Divinity College
4. Various Lectures including I.H. Marshall, Emanuel Tov, Craig Evans

The 19th Annual Wheaton Theology Conference
5. Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N. T. Wright

The Land, The Culture and The Book - Christ Memorial
6. Ray Vander Laan I was back and forth about posting this as the material doesn't appear to be posted by the Speaker or Host but the materiel is phenomenal. The original poster appears to be but their website is strange. NOTE there are a lot of adds on this site but downloads are legit.

Jesus the Jew - But what sort of Jew?
7. John P. Meier on UCTelevision

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Online Scholars

Scholars with an Online Presence (updated 2/5/2010)

1. Marcus Borg
2. Gregory Boyd
3. Walter Brueggemann (fan page)
4. Craig A. Evans
5. Gary Habermas
6. Craig Keener
7. Mark Noll (Theopedia Page)
8. Dallas Willard
9. Ben Witherington
10. N.T. Wright
11. Brad H. Young
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